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Dull and Weem

Grantully, Logierait and Strathtay

Churches of Scotland


24th June 2018

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you to bring you up to date with the latest thinking of our three Kirk Sessions on times for our Sunday morning services.

As you know, our current service times are:

Dull and Weem                                   10am

Grantully, Logierait and Strathtay      10am

Aberfeldy                                            11:15am


This arrangement works reasonably well, but there is one significant disadvantage which is that it makes it difficult for me to have consistent amounts of time in Dull and Weem and Grantully, Logierait and Strathtay.  On average I am at these congregations at most once a fortnight, and sometimes less.   I do not believe this is enough for building relationships.  In addition, if someone needs to talk to me, there is rarely an opportunity at the end of the service, and it is difficult to join everyone for teas and coffees.


At our recent Kirk Session meetings we agreed a draft proposal which is that from

1st September 2018, our morning worship times be:

Dull and Weem                                   9:30am

Grantully, Logierait and Strathtay      10:30am

Aberfeldy                                            11:15am

The plan would enable me, as your minister, to be at each congregation two weeks out of every three.  It would also assist the other members of the ministry team to build relationships.

We would like to consult on this proposal for the month of July, and ask that you might email comments (or questions or alternative suggestions) to me on nglover@churchofscotland.org.uk.  Alternatively, you can write to me at

The Manse,

Taybridge Terrace,

Aberfeldy, PH15 2BS.

Could I ask that you get your comments to me by the 31st July 2018.

I will then contact the elders of the sessions to arrive at a decision.  Depending on the feedback from this consultation, this will either be to go ahead with the draft proposal, or to consult on a new proposal.

You may be interested to know of some of the other alternatives considered.  These included:


  • GLS service at 9:30am, D&W at 10:30am – feedback from the elders was that at Dull and Weem there was often an appetite for earlier services, and later would pose a problem for some. Elders and board members at GLS felt this was less of the case in their congregation.  This arrangement would create slightly less pressure on travel times for the ministers.


  • Rotate service times every 18 months, so that over a three year period, every congregation would have been in either an early or late morning slot. None of the three Kirk Sessions liked this proposal as it risked causing confusion and also a drop in attendance each time a change occurred.


  • Use technology so that worship could be live streamed from one congregation to another. This would allow two or more of the services to be at overlapping times.  However, there are limits – it is difficult to have the sermon at the start of one service, and at the end of another; also there was a question about making the technology work, and how much people would appreciate looking at a screen.


  • Aberfeldy moves its service to 11:30am. This spaces the services more evenly.  This would also put less pressure on Aberfeldy to ensure there was someone present who was able to conduct the opening half hour of the service. (this could either be a disadvantage or advantage, depending on your perspective).  One key reason for not choosing this option is that Aberfeldy has a number of members who live in supported accommodation and lunch for them has to be at 12:30pm.  An 11:30am service would make this difficult.

I appreciate that no arrangement will be perfect, but I hope that that we can arrive at something which suits the greatest number, and above all, enables all of us in our calling to worship God, to make disciples and to be salt and light in our communities.

With every good wish, yours in Christ,

Neil Glover


******************Important  News**************Important News*******************



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June Services will take place in Strathtay Church

Saturday, the 9th of June 2018– Strawberry Tea by Weem Church…. details to follow 

 This event has been cancelled

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