MAF – Mission Aviation Fellowship

MAF Quilt- Kindly donated by the Quilting GroupMAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship)is an international Christian aviation organisation serving around 26 developing countries to reach people living in some of the world’s most isolated communities.

Operating 135 light aircraft, MAF flies into 1,700 remote destinations, transporting essential medical care, food and water supplies, relief teams and church workers enabling physical and spiritual care to reach countless thousands of people cut off due to formidable geographical barriers, natural disasters and political unrest.

Each flight carries help and hope to men, women and children for whom flying is not a luxury but a lifeline. Transforming lives through enabling access, MAF is flying for life.

In support of this charity the Sunday Club  Group are collecting postcards, used and unused.  MAF collects these and they are resold to collectors.  Last year the organisation raised £25,000 form this activity.  With this in mind we have placed a MAF Postcard Collection box in both Strathtay and Logierait Church should anyone wish to donate their postcards.  It does not matter how old or modern the cards are, it is the picture on them that makes them collectable.  They are interested in all types.  If you would rather not have your address shared on the cards then draw through each line with a black pen.  We hope this will be a simple on going activity that the Church can support.

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UPDATE: At the end of July GLS Church donated 8 kilograms of postcards towards this appeal. We met with a MAF representative to hand the box over along with a beautiful quilt, kindly donated by the quilting group. This quilt will be given to a child who is in need of it on their next trip abroad. The organisation was delighted at the generosity of our church. Thank you to you all, please continue to send and collect postcards!


Updated News…… October 2017

MAF, Flying for Life– an update for your interest given that so many of you continue to contribute to our on-going Postcard Appeal.

The summer in Scotland for the MAF team proved busy: HRH Princess Anne, representing the Queen, attended the Heart & Soul festival in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh in June.  She stopped to chat to the team about her flight with the MAF floatplane in Bangladesh- her husband, Sir Timothy Laurence asked to try the virtual reality goggles.

MAF has been organising flights to Liberia for the past two years.  Previously fewer than 200 doctors served the country’s 4.3 million people due to civil wars.  In most western nations more than 10,000 doctors serve the same number of people. MAF have been transporting specialists and transferring  patients in Liberia, making a difference.  Your contribution helps.

Taken fromAutumn 2017, Flying for Life, Quarterly magazine